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  • "David Tanzer dissects the complexities of wealth protection planning. In a clear and engaging style, Tanzer presents today's best opportunities for preserving assets, saving taxes, and avoiding litigation. He guides you through the myriad of legal planning choices and motivates you to take prudent action."
    Julia Guth, Executive Director, The Oxford Club.
  • "Everyone interested in adequately protecting personal assets and interests from the reach of creditors is in need of a comprehensive treatment of the subject of asset protection. David Tanzer has thoroughly and completely addressed this new and expanding area of practice...and should be a required addition to every school and personal law library."
    William A. Ensing, Attorney at Law, Lake Forest, IL.
  • "How to Legally Protect Your Assets is a book all business owners should read. As a resource, it's a great addition to libraries for lawyers and CPA's. Mr. Tanzer has succeeded in emulating what he practices to perfection."
    Jack Allgood, CPA, Director of Tax Services and Partner, Levine, Hughes & Mithuen, Inc., Denver, CO.
  • "I have worked with David Tanzer for over 20 years on many complex business problems. In every case, he carefully lays out the client's needs and expectations and then he plans and searches for the right answers. Now, Tanzer answers complex legal questions for the lay reader so that the average guy can understand it."
    Frank Dusek, CPA and Partner, Weiss, Sugar, Dvorak, & Dusek, Ltd., Chicago, IL.
  • "David Tanzer's two decades as a trial litigator provides him a valuable and practical approach to asset protection planning. Ultimately, whether asset protection trusts work, can be the subject of litigation."
    Reuben Tylor, Barrister and Executive Director, Cook Islands, Trust & Banking Corporation, Cook Islands.
  • "David Tanzer is absolutely professional, thorough, meticulous, analytical, accurate, incise, and detailed oriented, in dealing with international transactions, in an absolute first class fashion. I would hire Tanzer as my attorney anywhere in the world for an international transaction!"
    Juan Edgar Picado, International Attorney, San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • "In Tanzer's new book, he uses the same expert communication skills that have made him a great, natural litigator, and easily translates them to the written page. 'How to Legally Protect Your Assets' is easy to understand and the techniques easy to apply."
    Leonard Matheo, CEO, Courtroom Performance, Inc., Golden, CO.
  • "In the world of global commerce, Tanzer's experience provides an excellent chart for those wishing to preserve wealth and take advantage of global commerce."
    Honorable Darrell Rolle, Former Minister of Government of Bahamas, Attorney and Partner of Rolle, Newton & Co., Nassau, Bahamas.
  • "David Tanzer has taken 20 years on the side of the 'Hound' and turned it into a great guide for the 'Hare'. It is nice to see some treasure... buy this book!"
    Howell W. Woltz, Sterling Securities International, Ltd. Nassau, Bahamas.
  • "From the offshore trustee's perspective, it has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Tanzer. He has excellent knowledge of asset protection strategies."
    Adrian Taylor, General Manager, Asiaciti Trust Pacific Limited, Cook Islands, Hong Kong, Mauritius, New Zealand, People's Republic of China, Singapore & Western Samoa.
  • "Tanzer takes on some complex issues and makes them easy for everyone to understand. Any person of means needs to have his book on the shelf or on the night stand."
    Michael Heimos, Attorney at Law & Partner, Dean & Heimos, LLC., Denver, CO
  • "Having worked closely with David Tanzer as an attorney on many cases, he has earned my highest confidence and respect; he will 'roar' when he needs to with the acts and the law to back up his clients."
    Heather C. Lemon, Attorney at Law, Vail, CO.
  • "In these days of financial instability, Tanzer's ideas can help you safeguard your wealth."
    Gregory Dean, Attorney at Law and Partner, Dean & Heimos, LLC., Denver, CO